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Yoga is an ancient practice that unites breathing, mental awareness, and movement. A steady yoga practice builds strength and stamina, improves flexibility and balance, reduces stress, and creates a calm state of mind. The ultimate goal of yoga is to achieve liberation from suffering and attain self-realization.

Our teachers guide each class from a place of loving-kindness and compassion, and understand that every student is on their own unique wellness journey. As a studio, our goal is to cultivate a sense of community and a safe space for both beginners and experienced students. Our classes are open to all levels of experience. If you are new to yoga, the gentle yoga + breathwork and restorative classes are a great place to start.

We feel passionate about maintaining the integrity of traditional yoga, offering classes that integrate pranayama (breathwork) and mediation. Through these intentional teachings, we connect to our mission to bring people to their optimal state of healing and support their continuous lifelong wellness journey. 

Vie Star Black


Begin the day with postures that awaken the body + mind. This class will start in a gentle fashion and move into an energizing flow leaving you ready to enter your day with vitality and equanimity.

This class incorporates simple flowing sequences and a slower pace to focus on alignment, strength, flexibility, and balance. We’ll explore different breathing techniques to enhance meditation + awareness. Gentle Yoga is perfect for anyone looking to begin their day connecting breath and movement in a mindful way to help soften tight muscles, ease joint pain, connect the body and mind at a peaceful, slower pace.

The first half of the class explores Yin Yoga, a slow-paced practice where poses are held longer, working on deep connective tissues and joints. The latter half of the class will integrate into Yang Yoga, a more active practice that focuses on building strength, stamina and flexibility. This class offers the benefits of a well balanced practice.

Traditional vinyasa yoga, characterized by its dynamic flow, syncing movement with the breath. This strong + energizing class brings a focused presence and leads us back to inner peace.

Working through long-held, passive postures to target the deepest connective tissues within the body including ligaments, joints, bones + fascia. Yin yoga is designed to align the body’s energies to prepare for more subtle practices like meditation. This will encourage students to move energy and gain balance.

Intentionally slow down and unwind the day. Utilizing props, long holds, and stillness to initiate a healing response in the body + deep states of relaxation. Restorative yoga is designed to gradually open up the body while prompting the parasympathetic nervous system to come online and initiate that healing response. We’re also passively stretching the body which helps make space in the joints and improves range of motion over time.

Regain a deeper mind/body connection through somatic movement + breath. Somatics is a form of movement therapy, a way of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles. Oftentimes due to illness, trauma, habits, aging, and stress, our bodies get locked into patterns and our muscles forget how to relax or how to engage to support us. Somatic yoga helps by retraining the brain and the nervous system to let go of these patterns through small and gentle movements.

Vie Star Black

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