1 – Plan to dress comfortably when visiting the Vie Universoul Wellness studio. We also ask you to be mindful of heavy application of perfumes or colognes. All metal, including jewelry must be removed for the session. Pacemakers and implanted metal are permissible.

2 – Use the time to relax and heal. Moderate to strenuous activity & exercise is discouraged after sessions. Your health is of the highest importance in life. Optimal health allows joy, love, productivity and creativity to flourish.

3 – Is it best to plan more than one visit? Everyone is different; thus, the number of sessions is dependent on the individual. Please discuss this with the practitioner after your session. Most people need 4-10 visits, 5-7 days apart visits to see good results. We do have packages available for purchase. After you achieve the level of wellness you wish to achieve, maintenance sessions are recommended & memberships are available.

Factors that can be controlled by the individual which would aid the healing process are: drinking the required amount of water, eating a healthy diet (clean, unprocessed, whole foods) and staying away from stimulants such as coffee, tea and nicotine/marijuana, eliminating the use of alcohol or drugs, avoiding emotional, environmental or physical trauma, getting enough rest and a major one… avoid stress to the best of your ability.

4 – Please schedule any blood work, massage, acupuncture, biofeedback, cranial sacral, EMDR, use of the BioMat or any other energy work for 5-7 days after doing a single session. People who perform energy work will be fine doing their work, but do not want to have work done on them.

5 – Commit to drinking about 2.5 – 4.5 L of water a day for about 5-7 days after a session. When your body shifts to its natural healing state, it is detoxing (as it always should be). Proper hydration is essential to the body’s processes, such as detoxification.

6 -Cancellation Policy requires 24-hours notification or you will be asked to pay the session fee. Thank you for understanding.