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Co-Founder & Director of Therapies & Operations

(but we call her our Soul Nurturer)

Vie Star Black

Stephanie is a compassionate, and ambitious woman with a passion for wellness & improving the lives of others through educating them on healthy living, and guiding them on their wellness journeys. After studying business, she shifted her path and pursued a career in Dental Hygiene where she spent 7 years. Her own personal trials and tribulations fuelled a journey and eye-opening path through wellness & alternative medicine, and introduced her to a whole world of what it truly means to be healthy. Her daily lifestyle practices to nourish mind, body, & soul, as well as her empathic nature, continue to drive her to help others to achieve a state of well-being. She loves to spend her time cooking, creating memories in this adventure called life with those she loves, seeing the world, and immersing herself in the depths of the worlds knowledge. She continues to cultivate her passion to guide others toward a place where they can truly feel aligned. 


Co-Founder & Director of Yoga Studio & Operations

(but we call her our Yoga Mama)

Vie Star Black

Melissa realized her passion for wellness & the human body at a young age and was driven to lead others to live healthier and more enriched lives. She has over 10 years experience in the fitness & yoga industry as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, nutrition coach, and operating her own mobile personal training and yoga business. Her experiences shaped a strong understanding of emotion, compassion, and how to hold space for others. Melissa stays true to her knowledge & values by moving her body daily, exploring a healthy diet, maintaining an open mind, and continuously seeking knowledge and wisdom. Becoming a mother has brought profound strength, perspective, and inspiration to her life. With yoga as a significant piece of her journey, she has transformed her awareness and approach to her everyday life. She values a practice of truth, kindness towards others and self, and the intention of mindful living. She strives to unite our community and bring balance to the lives of others. 


Co-Founder & Director of Finance & Marketing

(but we call her our Good Vibe Creator)

Vie Star Black

Carly is an inspirational thought leader with a passion and vision for helping humanity. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, she has spent the past 7 years of her career working in Accounting & Marketing in the Calgary Oil & Gas sector, during which time she also became a certified Graphic Designer. Her education, life, & work experience have built a dynamic foundation of opportunities that have led her in pursuit of fulfilling her life’s purpose; to help heal and be of service to others through the path of entrepreneurship. Her profound connection to the human body has grounded her beliefs in the endless capabilities of both the body and mind. She leads her journey by a multitude of regular lifestyle practices including healthy eating, yoga & meditation, many forms of physical activity, various alternative & energy therapies, connecting to nature, and seeking to understand the abundance of knowledge in our world. Carly loves to spend time with loved ones, has a deep connection to music, and a special eye & appreciation for art. 

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