Harmonic Egg Testimonials

“Since I was about 5 years old, I have worn a pair of glasses called pain. That is how I describe my childhood. Never removed or any relief. Since my visit to the Harmonic Egg®, I have come to realize the glasses are gone. After returning home, I had more strength, and something was different. Colors were brighter, I appreciated my surroundings more. The realization was gradual, gentle, until last night when I realized the glasses were gone for the first time in 72 years!” 

– Marcia 

Vie Star Black

“I believe my healing was accelerated from doing sessions in the Harmonic Egg®. I am 65 years old with a pacemaker and on many prescription drugs. Six days after knee replacement surgery I had no appetite and was still feeling under anesthesia. I went in for a Harmonic Egg® session and a few hours later had an appetite for the first time since surgery. Lots of inflammation was reduced too. I did one session a week after that until week 6 after the surgery. I got off the pain meds in just 3 weeks (doctors expected 6-8 weeks). I was able to stop using the walker and cane after 3.5 weeks. I did my PT and was at 101 degrees of bend, which seemed to surprise the doctor after just 6 weeks.” 

– Bill 

Vie Star Black

“I used to have a fairly consistent 17-22 mile/week running routine. About 6 years ago, my health took a turn for the worse and running became a struggle. Around this time, I started having issues with my right ankle. I did all the standard stuff, physical therapy, casts, boots, orthotics, etc. The pain would go away for a short time only to reappear in a different area in the ankle. So, I stopped running all together. The day before my Harmonic Egg® session I went out for a 3-mile walk and limped the whole last mile home. 

When I was in the Harmonic Egg®, my right foot was ‘manipulated’ at least twice. It felt like a chiropractic type of movement – the foot was manipulated in a circular movement. Yesterday I ran about a mile with absolutely no pain. The ankle feels 100% today! Woot Woot!! I’m so excited to be able to get back into running again!” 

– Kim 

Vie Star Black

“I’ve had once-a-month, two-day, migraine headaches since my twenties. The medical doctors only offered meds; never a way to reduce the pain or get rid of the headaches. A headache started before going to my Harmonic Egg® appointment and it was gone by the time I left! A few hours instead of 2 days! This is the first real relief I have ever received.” 

– Mary Sullivan 

Vie Star Black

“I had three consecutive weekly sessions. After the three sessions, I was scanned for the Lyme and the scan was clean. I then had two sessions every other week, had another scan and still clean. I might also mention the constant headache I had on the left side of my head was gone after the FIRST session and it never came back! 

I plan to make the Harmonic Egg® a part of my life. This is an amazing healing modality.” 

– MaryJane Casey 

Vie Star Black

“I have completed 8 of my 10 sessions and plan to do another set when this one is complete. I notice so many little aches and pains of aging are no longer bothersome. Fibromyalgia has no impact on me now and my energy level is normal. 

From my perspective and what I understand about the body’s structure, I am convinced that this positive energy of light, color, and sound has an impact at the cellular level, to do the dance of healing from the inside out.” 

– Lareese 

Vie Star Black

“The single thing that is in my heart and on my mind is the ability to finally hold a steady mirror up to myself. That mirror will allow me to understand what I am currently attempting to do. For 13 years I have refused to acknowledge what had become so ingrained in my Parkinson’s work ethic that I ignored/overlooked the fact that it was there. Now I feel I can ‘reclaim’ my place in myself, in my family, in my community, and in the world. I know that I have been working hard to be as strong and as competent as possible. I am simultaneously familiar with my ongoing limitations and my challenges. What I did not comprehend and accept was the serious risk caused by delusional expectations of my ability to take care of my family as I did 15 years ago. 

You may not have specifically planned it, but you provided me with the space that I clearly required to figure that out.” 

– B.H. 

Vie Star Black

“The Harmonic Egg® was an uplifting and peaceful, soft experience. In our conversation ahead of time I asked for a specific type of spiritual healing. The music and lights were set up perfectly. As I lay there, there was a neutrality to the experience and my body was very comfortable and a letting go of any concern washed over me. It was a feeling of evening out and balancing. The shift was immediate but the change in me is abstract and I can’t bring it to words. It has been about a month since my visit and I was expecting the shift to wear off a bit. I have not found that to be true. The Harmonic Egg® is well worth the experience. I can’t wait until I am back in Colorado to get back into it.” 

– Jody 

Vie Star Black

“Fantastic, mind-blowing experience. I took full advantage of the session and was able to free so many things that were holding me back. I was able to fully forgive myself for all the things I have done. I was able to even go further and allow myself to feel all my emotions without judgement or blame or shame or any negativity for that matter. The very next day I woke in such a strong, happy mood and it carried me all day to where I am now. I have been telling everyone I know about how amazing this experience has been and that it shook me to the core. I cannot thank Gail enough for going the distance and creating something so magical. I would highly recommend anyone trying this.” 

– Jason Rodgers 

Vie Star Black


*These experiences do not necessarily reflect expected outcomes as responses to Harmonic Egg sessions will vary between individuals. 

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