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Vie Universoul Wellness is a multi-purpose studio space providing energy & wellness therapies, yoga classes, and products. Our goal is to bring people to their optimal state of healing, and support their continuous life-long wellness journeys.

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Harmonic Egg Service


The Harmonic Egg is a patented chamber where clients will complete a 50 minute session up to once a week. The chamber uses sound, light, colour, frequency, and vibration to reset and activate the body’s natural healing ability & promote mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and wellness.

Infrared Sauna Service


Experience the many benefits of our Infrared Saunas, including relaxation, detoxification, improved sleep, & weight management. Regular infrared sauna sessions promote overall health & wellness and improvement in many chronic medical conditions.

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Our yoga studio is an inclusive and uplifting space, built on the foundation of bringing together a wellness focused community. Through a variety of traditional based yoga classes, our teachers guide each person along their journey incorporating asana meditation and breathwork.


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Harmonic Egg Testimonial

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“Since I was about 5 years old, I have worn a pair of glasses called pain. That is how I describe my childhood. Never removed or any relief. Since my visit to the Harmonic Egg®, I have come to realize the glasses are gone. After returning home, I had more strength, and something was different. Colors were brighter, I appreciated my surroundings more. The realization was gradual, gentle, until last night when I realized the glasses were gone for the first time in 72 years!” 

– Marcia

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